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Social networking sites are believed to have been in their infancy stage during the 90s and it was only in 2002 when they’ve really started to gain popularity. This year was when the popular social networking site, Friendster, was launched. A few years after, Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace were introduced and have now become social networking giants that millions of people around the world are using. These days, however, instead of signing up for membership in such sites, many are getting hooked into establishing their own sites using social networking software. The software has particularly captured the interests of many businessmen

Why Create a Social Networking Site?

Why not is really the question here! Social networking is the wave of web 2.0, and it will continue to be in web 3.0. Niche social networking sites are popping up all over the place, as people are growing tired of broad solutions like Myspace.

Why not create your own local social networking site? Or a fan site, or a product owner's site? The possibilities are endless. Best yet - your visitors create the content...all you have to do is moderate it!

Benefits of Social Networking Software

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Content creation made easy. With the prevalence of various social media sites, it is no longer necessary that a user must have an extensive knowledge about HTML and other programming languages just so they can post content online. Social software makes posting content (i.e. text, photos, video, audio files) online a lot easier. Some social software nowadays enable photo-sharing or even online video editing.


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2. Quick building of networks and virtual communities. A single post online can create a multitude of links to other users who share the same interest. This single link leads to an even greater scheme of things - an online community that is composed of various users that have a shared connection over a similar role (i.e. blog readers).


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3. Virtual collaboration. Through the use of asocial networking script or software, people can now post content online easily. This allows creation of a centralized source of knowledge that is readily accessible to anyone.


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Social network software has indeed changed the way online users interact with one another. Going beyond the limits of traditional communication, it has undeniably created a venue for people to interact and have access to almost anything posted online with no holds barred. Because of this, social software exists not merely for convenience's sake but it has also become an indispensable facet of our virtual lives.

Social networking has changed the dynamics of how we interact with people. Through a single post, link or photo, we can update our entire network of friends and relatives about our present state of mind. In the same way, we can keep in the loop about them just by browsing through a single page. These are just examples of how features created through a social networking software have made websites like Facebook and Multiply highly popular.

Like any other software, asocial networking software is systematically designed and engineered specifically to suit the purpose of web developers who are thinking of replicating the success of Facebook or MySpace. If you're a web developer yourself, utilizing the right software that suits your goal may just make your website the next big thing to hit the Internet.

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